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New Online Register Making Life Easier

A new online register of high risk work, asbestos and demolition licence holders, as well as general construction induction training card holders, will go live on 29 January 2018 in NSW. So it will be easier for your business to regularly check the validity of your worker's licences, using a single portal.

The Time to Transition is Now!

The deadline for transitioning to the latest versions of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems is September 2018. Don't be caught out by leaving it to the last minute.

The Death of Innovation?

Innovation is normally regarded as a positive force.  But a quick look at the thesaurus shows that there is a mix of positive and negative synonyms for innovation. Modernisation, alteration, deviation, modification, mutation, newness, variation, vicissitude – to name a few.

The reality is that innovation implies change and when it comes to processes, be they […]

4 Ways to Reduce Complexity

When I talk about complexity let me make it clear. I am not talking the fact that we offer products and services over a wide geographic area, or the number of products and services we offer, or the diversity of our customers. I am talking about the individual complexity that the vast majority of us, as […]

Agility – what I’ve learnt from Google Maps

I’m sure that most of you have used Google Maps but for the luddites amongst us, here is a description.

Google Maps is software that provides location information through satellite imagery. Think of it as an interactive street directory that knows where you are. As well as telling you how to get there, it checks possible […]

7 Easy Ways You Can Increase Safety On a Budget

by Phil La Duke who says . . .

“The safety of your workplace is becoming more important than ever before. Beyond the obvious moral and ethical imperatives to not cripple your workers in pursuit of profit, many employers – even small businesses are finding that it doesn’t take many injuries to put the company in real […]

Increase Accountability to Improve Performance

Accountability in any organisation is the cornerstone of good governance and ultimately, good performance. Without process accountability, organisations have no means of ensuring that their organisational goals are likely to be met.

But before discussing the importance of accountability we need to define it.  The person who is accountable for a process is responsible for how well the […]

Good Audits Support Good Managers

Most people see audits in a negative light. It doesn’t matter whether they are internal audits, external audits, finance audits, or any other type. Auditors themselves are viewed as the uptight enemy who waste everyone’s time. It is easy to understand why and is sometimes deserved but it shouldn’t be.

Audits should add value. Yep, you […]

What is Normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly

Like most organisations I’m sure you have lots of information that is designed to explain how to do things. Goodness, if you are really organised, these documents will take the form of policies, procedures, work instructions, forms, and so forth.

You may be the person who has written these or who hired the person who did. […]

Webinar – The New ISO 9001 meets Business Process Software

This webinar explains the key changes and how to manage the transition process  to ensure that your organisation is compliant and prepared for assessment against the new standard.

It will also introduce you to Promapp – cloud based business process management software that makes creating and updating processes and procedures fast, easy, and painless. It ensures that everyone in your […]

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