Mango – the easiest compliance software in the world

Mango Management System Software

I’ve spent a long time searching for a software solution that would help my clients and I’ve finally found one that I am prepared to stake my reputation on.

Mango is the easiest compliance software in the world.

Does your management system suffer from any of these issues?

  • It’s a drain on resources
  • Problems are not being recorded
  • Management aren’t getting the information they need
  • It’s seen as the responsibility of one person or department, not everyone’s responsibility
  • Staff don’t know what they are meant to do and when
  • People are using different versions of the same document
  • You’re getting too many non-conformances at audit time
  • There are multiple systems instead of one fully integrated system

Do you find you are managing paper instead of improvements, struggling to keep your system up-to-date, or finding it difficult to prove how your system reduces costs and adds value?

The Solution:

Let Mango remove the pain from getting certified and maintaining management systems such as:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality
  • ISO 14001 for the Environment
  • HACCP and ISO 22000 for Food Safety
  • AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety


  • Makes your management system save you money
  • Makes your management system work hard for you
  • Makes your management system simple


Mango provides tangible cost savings and improved business performance. Accessed via the internet, Mango is easy to use as these videos demonstrate. There are no hidden costs, just a simple monthly rental.


Check the Health of Your Management System

  • Tired of reminding employees of what they have to do? (Feel like you’re their mother?)
  • Finding communication with senior managers on the health of your system difficult?
  • The Solution:

  • The Dashboard is the employee’s to-do list of activities all on one screen. It reminds them of things like accidents to investigate, risks to add, and documents to approve.
  • It is individualised to the person logging in and they only view what they have to do and when.
  • Because a picture paints a thousand words, data is graphed as well.

Document Management

Take Control

  • Feeling that your documents aren’t adding value to your business?
  • Sick of people using old versions?
  • Going to be sick if you have to update your document register again?!

The Solution:

  • With Mango and just a few clicks all your staff can see the same policies, procedures and forms thus greatly reducing one of the big costs of compliance and ensuring that everyone is doing their job the best known way.
  • Store reports, inspections, and records in Mango’s Documents module providing a comprehensive record of compliance.
  • The complete document control process allows for multiple creators, multiple approvers and publishers in a way that makes version control easy.


Improve Your Management System

  • Are people failing to record issues such as product or service failures, customer complaints and problems with suppliers?
  • Sick of chasing people who were meant to take corrective actions?
  • Is your system stagnating due to a lack of focus on improvements?

The Solution:

  • Implement improvements easily. This module enables you to assign multiple investigators to determine the cause of problems and fix them AND they can all collaborate on Mango simultaneously.
  • The Improvement Register highlights the status of every improvement so nothing can slip between the cracks.
  • Issues raised during an audit or inspection are automatically linked to an improvement request – no more double data entries.

Accidents & Incidents

Comply with the Law and Keep Them Safe

  • Staff not reporting accidents or incidents?
  • Failing to investigate and fix the factors that caused the accident or incident?
  • Worried that you don’t meet your WHS obligations?

The Solution:

  • Mango makes it easy to report accidents and incidents, even when you are not in the office.
  • The accident/incident register displays all the relevant information. The status of each accident is clearly displayed so you can see the progress of the investigation.
  • Multiple investigators can be assigned and can collaborate simultaneously.
  • Statistics show that every small accident or incident brings your business closer to a major one and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 places more onus on managers than ever before for the health & safety of their staff. This module enables faster key decisions which will prevent further occurrences.

Event Management

Makes it Impossible to Forget

  • Are people forgetting to perform important tasks?
  • Sick of chasing staff and feeling like a nagger?
  • When someone leaves do their tasks remain undone until it is too late?

The Solution:

  • This module enables you to programme any necessary scheduled activity such as emergency drills, inspections, audits, management review meetings, preventative maintenance, and calibrations.
  • It automatically emails people to tell them to do the task, reminds them when they forget, and emails others if they keep forgetting.
  • On top of this the event screen colour codes the health of the system.

Risk Management

Manage Your Business Risks

  • Not confident that all risks and controls have been considered?
  • Sick of repeating the same thing in different risk registers?
  • Concerned that deficiencies in your risk register may leave you open to successful litigation?

The Solution:

  • This module can be used to manage WHS, food safety, quality and environmental risks, amongst others.
  • Use your current risk assessment process to recognise risks, add them to the appropriate risk registers, and allow employees to easily view how to control risks in their area.
  • Because this module is integrated with the Event module, an automatic email is sent to remind the individual in charge of the register to conduct a review.

Audits & Inspections

Make it Simple

  • Sick of reminding staff that it’s time for them to do their inspection or audit?
  • Tired of wasting time through the double entry of information such as non-conformances?

The Solution:

  • Our clients love this module. It can be used for housekeeping, GMP, cleanliness or other inspections as well as for audits.
  • Create checklists to be used across multiple sites, ensuring consistency across the organisation.
  • Upload documents and images to support your findings.
  • The audit schedule is automatically updated and audit reports automatically generated.
  • Integration with the Improvement module means that non-conformances are automatically entered into the Improvement module.

Human Resources

Manage Human Resources Efficiently and Effectively

  • Hard to keep track of who is and isn’t competent?
  • Finding it impossible to keep your training database up-to-date?
  • Difficult to remember when licenses such as those for forklift drivers, or training such as first aid certificates are due for renewal?

The Solution:

  • This module enables you to set up automatic email reminders for skills that need renewal, record the skills required for every position and the competency level achieved for every employee, keep personnel information in one place.


Make Suppliers a Part of Your System

  • Tired of chasing suppliers for their insurance certificates, SWMS, quality manuals and more?
  • Do staff keep using new suppliers when there is money to be saved through volume purchasing and when you are confident about the quality you’ll receive?

The Solution:

  • Keep a list of approved suppliers that everyone can see.
  • Automatically email suppliers a reminder when it’s time to obtain the latest copies of documents like insurance certificates.
  • Configure your own supplier rating system in Mango making it as simple or as sophisticated as you like.
  • Select a supplier from your list and you’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of the parts, processes, or training they can provide.
  • The Supplier module can be linked to the Event module so that an automated email is sent to remind the appropriate member of staff to conduct a review of the supplier.