Training helps to turn the theory of quality and safety into reality. Effective training should be a fundamental part of a company’s management system as it can help prevent many quality, safety and environmental problems from ever occurring.  Dare I say it – training even improves profitability.

Some Facts

A study by the American Management Association found that companies that INCREASED their training after changes to their business reported:

  • 63% higher productivity.
  • 69% higher profits.
  • 74% higher quality.

In contrast, companies that did NOT INCREASE training after changes to their business reported significantly lower results:

  • 34% productivity increase.
  • 40% profit increase.
  • 24% quality increase.

Introducing a management system is a change to business. Staff don’t learn through osmosis. Hence the act of “documenting” your management system is not enough. Staff need to be trained in it, the new learnings implemented, and integrated into daily life.

Most people want to succeed, yet we often put them in a position where, through lack of training, they do not have the skills and knowledge they need to do their job. Training minimises, even avoids, human errors and inconsistencies, the common causes of problems.  Training enhances employee satisfaction, reduces stress and decreases turnover.

So Why Doesn’t Training Happen?

It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to utilise the available resources to train their staff to ensure they are competent and help them to do a better job. Your management system provides the material you need to train them with. But it is still hard. It is hard to find the time and the administrative burden can be high. This is where management system software, such as Mango, can help. Not only can you capture the training completed and the competencies achieved, but you can also list the skills, qualifications, licenses, etc., needed for every position in your organisation. Better still, you can tell Mango to send you reminders so that you won’t forget to do the training. Click here to see more.