Gap Analysis
Save Time Money & Resources

If your company is thinking about getting certified, then a gap analysis is a good place to start.

What is a Gap Analysis?

A gap analysis is a tool for seeing how your documents and processes compare to the requirements of the Standard/s to which you seek certification. Its purpose is to help your business determine the gaps in respect to the requirements. Just as importantly, a gap analysis identifies what you already have that meets the requirements.

Why do a Gap Analysis?

Every business is different and the requirements of the Standards are outcome focused. They tell you what you need to achieve but not how to do it. Therefore, there isn’t one set way of meeting the requirements, there are many. You need to choose the approach that is best for you, and design the processes that suit your business, size, culture, people, and so on.

A gap analysis will identify the:

Processes, documents, and records you ALREADY HAVE that meet the requirements of the Standard/s. This is vital. Utilising the processes and documents you already have in place not only reduces development time and cost, it also makes the system easier to implement because you are already doing some of it. There is no point in reinventing processes that are already working for you.

Processes, documents, and records you NEED in order to meet the requirements of the Standard/s. The latest version of the ISO Standards mandate few policies and procedures. Often being able to demonstrate that you have a process and that you keep records is enough.

Resources required to fill the GAPS – what’s involved, how long it will take, how hard it is, what skills and experience are required to develop a Management System that doesn’t just meet the requirements of the Standard/s, but adds value to your organisation.

This enables you to create a plan of action to fill the gaps and achieve certification.  Done well, it will save you time, money, and resources.

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