Our Team

GrowEQ is made up of a team of outstanding individuals who are experts in their field:

Liz Cole

Liz Cole is the Managing Director of Grow EQ.

Liz Cole is the Managing Director of Grow EQ, managing a team of highly experienced consultants providing high quality, simple to understand solutions for organisations to reduce risk, improve performance and grow. She is also a Lead Auditor for quality, safety, environmental and food safety management systems with JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies.

With over 20 years of operational experience from supervisory to senior management levels, Liz has a strong reputation for her ability to work effectively with personnel from the CEO to front line operational staff. As an expert in her field, she provides high quality solutions that are simple to understand and delivered on-time and within budget. Liz keenly promotes knowledge transfer to those she works with thus empowering your staff and making them self-sufficient.

Liz has worked in both for profit and not-for-profit organisations, the latter being The Australian Quality Council where she assisted other organisations in the development and implementation of risk management systems and process improvement initiatives to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. She has also developed and delivered training in these areas as well as team facilitation and leadership, process improvement tools and techniques, and ISO management systems.

With a passion for learning and a desire to help organisations develop sustainable business performance, Liz has completed a Masters in Total Quality Management (continuous improvement) at the University of Wollongong and has successfully completed a Certificate IV in Carbon Management and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Liz has worked in businesses small and large in the following industries and more – not-for-profit, food processing, packaging, chemical, project management, automation control systems, electrical, engineering, architecture, construction, landscaping, surveying, traffic control, manufacturing, brokerage, professional services, veterinary, fuel handling, fuel refining, software, wholesaling, recruitment, pharmaceutical, and health care industries.

Liz is passionate about helping organisations in Knowledge Management, Process Improvement and Management Systems. She loves playing and coaching “soccer with weapons” (hockey).


Matthew Murphy

“Simplify it.” That sums up Matt Murphy’s attitude to management systems in two words. He believes that if you don’t make it easy, it probably won’t happen.

“My goal, when helping a business to develop and maintain a management system, is to make it as painless as possible,” says Matt. “If I can break it down into its simplest form, then I know it will get maximum buy-in from management and staff. We all want our jobs and our lives to be simpler, I am passionate about making that happen.”

Matt comes to GrowEQ from a background of running small businesses for over 20 years. With a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Sydney University, Matt’s businesses have been largely in the animal health industry where he has gained hands-on practical experience of dealing with all the issues that he now helps other businesses to overcome.

“Running a veterinary clinic has given me the unique experience of dealing with incredibly complex medical and surgical cases, whilst still managing a thriving business. Without instituting successful systems and teams into all aspects of the job, you just cannot succeed. I think it has given me an amazing array of skills, as well as an absolute passion for the simple solution.”

Keen to stay in touch with the industry he loves, Matt also works in the pharmaceutical industry on a wide variety of projects including marketing research, analytics, process improvement, and technical writing.

Outside of his career, Matt enjoys going to the races, playing golf, and travelling with his family.

Karen Monaghan

Karen Monaghan has over 20 years of operational experience in small to large organisations from supervisory to senior management roles. With a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Environmental Engineering Science, Karen combines excellent technical expertise with her strong communication skills to provide high quality solutions in the areas of quality, safety and the environment.

Karen has worked within businesses across a variety of industries including: food and beverage manufacturing, pet food manufacturing, food ingredients processing, construction, chemical, metal, transport including ports and airports, and infrastructure.  Karen has also worked within consultancies and in various local, state and Federal government departments.

Karen is passionate about protecting people and the environment, and seeks to partner with organisations in order to identify and develop pragmatic and risk reduction solutions.  She understands that they key to sustainable business improvement is simplicity and employee engagement.  Karen’s achievements have been as a result of her ability to communicate and work effectively with personnel from the CEO to front line operational staff.

Karen has developed and delivered training in the areas of Safety, Health and Environment (management systems), auditing, risk assessment, sustainability and carbon management to facilitate improvements through empowering employees and team facilitation.

Karen’s experience also includes: developing quality, safety & environmental management systems (for meeting certification or internal requirements) developing strategies to meet internal policy requirements and objectives, auditing, compliance management and reporting, developing sustainability & SHE performance strategies, sustainability reporting, carbon management, stakeholder and employee engagement plans,  employee and auditor training, developing environmental (including resource and waste) management plans, and managing environmental impact statements.

Outside of work Karen enjoys playing hockey, scuba diving and playing at the beach with her kids.

Amanda Evans

Amanda is dedicated and passionate about food safety and food compliance with over 20 years’ experience in the food industry. Starting her professional life as a food inspector with NSW Health, Amanda has built upon this solid foundation to design, develop and implement food safety compliance initiatives to promote a safer food supply for consumers.

Amanda specialises in the following areas:

• Food safety and compliance – training, auditing and consulting.

• Food labelling.

• Nutrition panel calculation and development.

• Development and delivery of food training programs.

• Business systems development and implementation.

• Project management.

With a strong belief in the power of education, Amanda has developed training material and has facilitated training for private and public sector businesses and the Government.

As an expert in her field, Amanda has presented at Food Safety Live in 2013, 2014 & 2015, the 2012 SQF International Conference, the 2013 SQF Information Day and the 21st Annual Australian HACCP Conference. She has also delivered and facilitated food safety and auditor training in Samoa as part of a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative for food safety compliance in developing countries.

In her next life Amanda wants to be an astronaut.

Peter Weston

Peter has a Masters Degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems and tertiary qualifications in Electrical Engineering. For 15 years he was the NSW & ACT Systems (WHSEQ) Manager for a large multi-national company and before that held various positions which included electrical design draughts person, project manager and systems commissioning engineer at organisations such as Sydney Water and O’Donnell Griffin.

Peter is also a qualified Quality, WHS and Environmental Lead Auditor with Exemplar Global (formally RABQSA) accreditation and audits companies from the very small to the very large across Australia and New Zealand.

During the last 3 years Peter has consulted to a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries both private and public sector such as electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, excavation, construction, professional services, project management, manufacturing, infrastructure, and water services to name a few.

Peter’s focus has been on the preparation, planning, writing, implementation and continuous improvement of Quality, Work Health Safety, and Environmental Management Systems. This includes project (site) systems management to ensure companies meet, maintain and exceed their contractual and legislative obligations including those pertaining to work, health and safety and the environment. He also assists companies with the writing and lodging of tender submissions.

Peter enjoys working closely with clients to deliver solutions that will reduce risk, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. He takes a collaborative approach, providing ideas and options, then helps the organisation to choose the ones that best meet their specific needs. He is passionate about helping small to medium businesses with their quality, environmental and work, health & safety obligations in their dealings with big business.

The other passion in Peter’s life, besides his wife and grandchildren, is building a wooden 1:80 scale model of Henry VIII’s 16th century Tudor flagship the “Mary Rose”, where a good scalpel blade, tweezers and glasses are essential!