Many companies want ISO certification so they can tick a box on tender requests and thus increase their chances of being shortlisted for valuable tenders. This is one good reason but ISO systems can do so much more.  When an ISO system is written with your business needs and goals in mind, when it is tailor made for your products, services and processes then it will reduce costs and improve performance too. In fact, it will be one of the most valuable “exercises” you can do to improve virtually all aspects of your business.

I do believe that all ISO management systems must:

  • Help your organisation achieve its goals.
  • Be customised to meet your unique needs & culture.
  • Meet customer, tender & legal requirements.
  • Reduce business risk.
  • Improve communication, training & job satisfaction.
  • Be integrated with your core processes & other management systems, not an added burden.
  • Use the documentation you already have as a starting point and integrate it.
  • Be user friendly.
  • Use minimal documentation.
  • Reduce costs & improve business performance.

If documented and implemented correctly, the ISO system will unify all employees and managers in improving work processes. Everybody will have a chance to identify processes that are inefficient or otherwise inadequate and to improve them. Under the umbrella of ISO implementation, employees and management will be able to improve cross-functional cooperation and fine-tune business processes. This can only result in cost savings and improved performance.

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All the best – Liz