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New Online Register Making Life Easier

A new online register of high risk work, asbestos and demolition licence holders, as well as general construction induction training card holders, will go live on 29 January 2018 in NSW. So it will be easier for your business to regularly check the validity of your worker's licences, using a single portal.

7 Easy Ways You Can Increase Safety On a Budget

by Phil La Duke who says . . .

“The safety of your workplace is becoming more important than ever before. Beyond the obvious moral and ethical imperatives to not cripple your workers in pursuit of profit, many employers – even small businesses are finding that it doesn’t take many injuries to put the company in real […]

Good Audits Support Good Managers

Most people see audits in a negative light. It doesn’t matter whether they are internal audits, external audits, finance audits, or any other type. Auditors themselves are viewed as the uptight enemy who waste everyone’s time. It is easy to understand why and is sometimes deserved but it shouldn’t be.

Audits should add value. Yep, you […]

October 2015 – National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month in October focuses on addressing work health and safety issues in the workplace. Last year 188 workers were killed at work.

This year’s theme is

‘Be safe. Be healthy. Because…’

deliberately left open so you can add your own reasons for being safe and healthy at work.

Safe Work Australia has released an information kit with […]

Managing Suppliers for Success

ISO 9001 says that you should select suppliers based on their ability to meet your requirements and evaluate their performance on a regular basis. My experience is that most organisations treat this as a tick-a-box activity performed grudgingly once a year by an inexperienced person with a little time on their hands. STOP! It’s time […]

Is there a Business Case for Work Health & Safety?

In the world of work health and safety, the business case is often confused with the related question of making an economic justification for the public good. Certainly the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 makes it clear that organisations are responsible for the safety of people they do not employ such as visitors and […]

Cloud Computing and Compliance Software

For some time now clients have been coming up to me and asking about what software to use for managing their compliance systems. Clients can see the benefits of using software but are unaware of just what’s out there in the market. They ask me have I seen companies using any software and what are […]

Training for Profitability

Training helps to turn the theory of quality and safety into reality. Effective training should be a fundamental part of a company’s management system as it can help prevent many quality, safety and environmental problems from ever occurring.  Dare I say it – training even improves profitability.
Some Facts
A study by the American Management Association found […]

Nearly one million Australians are contractors – how do you choose the good ones?

According to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report there are now almost one million Australians who work as independent contractors in their main job. By far the most common industry in which an independent contractor works is construction (304,800 people).

Have you ever hired a contractor only to witness them doing unsafe acts and seemingly oblivious to […]

Work Related Deaths Hit an All Time Low

Australian workplaces have recorded the lowest number of fatalities in 11 years according to data released by Safe Work Australia in their annual report Work-related Traumatic Fatalities, Australia 2014. Is this due to the changes in WHS legislation? New Zealand seems to think so. They are about to enact very similar legislation. I guess only […]

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