Controlling carbon emissions for many organisations has become increasingly important, not only because of regulatory requirements but also because of the growing global awareness of the need for environmental protection & sustainability.

Today organisations need to not only demonstrate their efforts to inventory, report & reduce GHG emissions, but they also need to assure the credibility of their claims. If an organisation publishes claims that are later discovered to be unreliable, it risks both financial & brand reputation damage. Not a good look. That’s why GHG emissions claims are essential, considering the political and financial ramifications. Plus the competence of those assessing such claims is absolutely crucial.

Back in 2006 a new standard was released called ISO 14064. In a nutshell, it’s a three-part standard for assessing GHG emission reduction projects in either voluntary or regulatory schemes with the aim to build confidence in the emerging global carbon market, address climate change and support emissions trading schemes.

So if your business is required by law to verify your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, you need to start putting steps in place today that identify & manage your carbon emission footprint. That means implementing a reduction strategy & offsetting unavoidable emissions. That’s where ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases Standard can help. It provides you with a framework for the systematic management of emissions for business. It is flexible, scalable & relevant to any organisation – whatever your size, sector or geographical location.

The good news is that survey’s indicate a very large proportion of organisations DO understand the significance of playing ball on the environmental awareness field. Furthermore, they “really” want to. But many of them are unsure just how to organise the team. Luckily, there is help out there … and in comes in the form of ISO 14064 alongside specialist advice.

All the very best – Elizabeth