Given looming registration & reporting dates, I’m wondering how many Corporations are up-to-speed with their legal obligations in relation to the NGER Act. Part of me can’t help but think there are a few out there still scratching their heads. So I thought I’d summarise the more salient points from the Clean Energy Regulator website which might help Corporations assess if they need to report (see infographic below).

But before I do, a quick word of encouragement to those who have inherited this job responsibility. You’re undertaking something that has a material impact to our today & tomorrow – & frankly it’s not often we get the opportunity to do something that supersedes all those daily tasks we do that increase shareholder value. Don’t get me wrong shareholder value is important, but equally so is proactively managing the impact business has upon our environment. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, its that change is inevitable & it’s my sincere hope that this post makes your noble task a little less onerous.

What’s the NGER Act?
The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act) introduced a framework for the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas projects, energy use & production information by Corporations who meet certain thresholds.

A couple of important things to remember in relation to the NGER Act are:

  • There are fairly significant financial penalties for non-compliance to NGER legislation … not to mention the impact of public opinion to a Corporates brand reputation
  • Every year NGER publishes any Corporation’s emission totals that equal or exceed NGER thresholds

Who’s Responsible for NGER?
The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) are the Government body responsible for administering the NGER Act legislation.

What You Need to Do
Have a look at the Corporate Commandments Infographic below & follow Steps 1-5 to assess if you need to register & report. If you do need to report, follow Steps 6-7 to register.

All the very best – Elizabeth.

For more details visit:

NGERS Infographic