Would the Trump Administration Pass an ISO 9001 Audit?

If asked the question “should Donald Trump be certified?” I think many people would answer with an unqualified “YES!” But what about a slightly different question: “Would the Trump Administration pass an audit to be certified to ISO 9001?” Let’s have a look at that question from an auditor’s perspective, and see if we can give an educated answer… Clause 5 Leadership Clause 5 of the ISO 9001 standard calls for “leadership and commitment...by taking accountability…ensuring resources are available…and supporting [...]

How Anti Bullying Laws Affect Your Business

It is now a year since the Fair Work Commission gained new powers to hear workplace bullying complaints. Although employers have always had an obligation to provide a workplace that is free from bullying under Work Health and Safety legislation, this is the first time the Fair Work Commission has had any responsibility for resolving these matters. The risk to business is not just that of a claim being made to the Commission. The Productivity Commission has estimated the total [...]