The Importance of Management Commitment

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems has high expectations for senior management. In fact about 15% of this Standards text is devoted to the responsibilities of management. This is in recognition of the fact that if senior management doesn’t support the system then it isn’t really going to work. Sure, you can probably get certified without the support of senior management. But without them your Quality Management System will be like an appendix – it’s there but it doesn’t really achieve [...]

Top 10 Tips: Choosing a Food Safety Consultant

You know exactly what your business needs are. Right now you need to find a Food Safety Consultant. They have to be experienced, highly effective and hold a successful track record. It's an important decision, one you can’t afford to get wrong. You need someone who'll ensure project success. So how do you go about finding the right person for the job? I’ve worked as a Food Safety Consultant for over 20 years and throughout that time I've listened closely to [...]

Calling All Energy, Environment, QA, Carbon Talent: There’s A Seat On The Bus!

I recently attended a networking event where a lovely man introduced himself & asked, ”So Elizabeth, what do you do for work?” Whenever someone asks me this question & I respond with environmental, energy or carbon emissions management, they tilt their head to the side with interest. Fifteen years ago if I told someone what I did a look of “oh-good-god-don’t-let-me-get-stuck-with-her-all-night” would wash across their face & they’d start scanning the room for an escape route. My how times have [...]

Carbon Standard – ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases System

Controlling carbon emissions for many organisations has become increasingly important, not only because of regulatory requirements but also because of the growing global awareness of the need for environmental protection & sustainability. Today organisations need to not only demonstrate their efforts to inventory, report & reduce GHG emissions, but they also need to assure the credibility of their claims. If an organisation publishes claims that are later discovered to be unreliable, it risks both financial & brand reputation damage. Not a [...]

National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting System (NGERS)

Given looming registration & reporting dates, I’m wondering how many Corporations are up-to-speed with their legal obligations in relation to the NGER Act. Part of me can’t help but think there are a few out there still scratching their heads. So I thought I’d summarise the more salient points from the Clean Energy Regulator website which might help Corporations assess if they need to report (see infographic below). But before I do, a quick word of encouragement to those who [...]