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When Must I Transition to ISO 9001:2015?


A new version of ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements was published in September 2015. This update is not only the first since ISO 9001:2008, it is also the first major revision since ISO 9001:2000 which essentially consolidated three previous standards – ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003. In other words . . . […]

The Death of Innovation?

Innovation is normally regarded as a positive force.  But a quick look at the thesaurus shows that there is a mix of positive and negative synonyms for innovation. Modernisation, alteration, deviation, modification, mutation, newness, variation, vicissitude – to name a few.

The reality is that innovation implies change and when it comes to processes, be they […]

Increase Accountability to Improve Performance

Accountability in any organisation is the cornerstone of good governance and ultimately, good performance. Without process accountability, organisations have no means of ensuring that their organisational goals are likely to be met.

But before discussing the importance of accountability we need to define it.  The person who is accountable for a process is responsible for how well the […]

Good Audits Support Good Managers

Most people see audits in a negative light. It doesn’t matter whether they are internal audits, external audits, finance audits, or any other type. Auditors themselves are viewed as the uptight enemy who waste everyone’s time. It is easy to understand why and is sometimes deserved but it shouldn’t be.

Audits should add value. Yep, you […]

Webinar – The New ISO 9001 meets Business Process Software

This webinar explains the key changes and how to manage the transition process  to ensure that your organisation is compliant and prepared for assessment against the new standard.

It will also introduce you to Promapp – cloud based business process management software that makes creating and updating processes and procedures fast, easy, and painless. It ensures that everyone in your […]

Smart Manufacturing is Alive & Well

As we all know, the figures show that the number of manufacturers in Australia has decreased with many of the products once made here now being made overseas. But I do believe that there is room in this country for smart, innovative manufacturers like Warringah Plastics.

In 2013 we were engaged by Warringah Plastics to develop […]

ISO 9001:2015 Significant Changes Clause 7 Support

This clause asks you to support your quality management system by managing your internal and external communications and by providing the resources required such as:

Competent people.
The appropriate infrastructure and work environment.
Suitable monitoring and measuring technologies.

The last word – knowledge, appears for the first time in an ISO 9001 standard in this 2015 version.  The standard says that if your […]

ISO 9001:2015 Significant Changes Clause 6 Planning

Risk Management
According to the new standard, “risk-based thinking has always been implicit in ISO 9001”. Quality management systems have always been concerned with preventing problems. That is why they have always said that we must ensure people understand their responsibilities. That is why we train them, validate designs, monitor and measure processes, and audit, to name a […]

ISO 9001:2015 Significant Changes Clause 5 Leadership

As explained an earlier blog, the term Management Responsibility has gone and been replaced by Leadership. This reinforces the fact that a quality management system will only work if it is embedded into routine business operations, rather than operating as an independent system in its own right with its own dedicated management structure.

This change in […]

ISO 9001:2015 Significant Changes to Clause 4 – The Context of the Organisation

Only 6 weeks till September 2015 when the new version of ISO 9001 will be published

The impending update to ISO 9001 is the first major revision since 2000. This blog, and the ones to follow, are about the major changes you will see in ISO 9001:2015.
Significant Change – Context of the Organisation
The contents of this clause […]

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